Center console and Glove box Organizers
Designed and Engineered for the perfect fit

Vehicle OCD, the Organized Console Device, or the Original Console Divider, the name fits as well as our products.

Established in 2012 with a design for the Toyota Tacoma. Our founder could not find anything on the market to organize his new Tacoma center console. Being an engineer, he got busy with a prototype, a CAD design, and started small batch CNC production. A classic start up story, the response was very positive and the demand grew. We apply a simple concept into a high quality, durable solution to organize vehicle center consoles and glove boxes.

We are constantly developing new products from customer requests, and as new vehicles hit the market. Salex Organizers offers over 50 Vehicle OCD brand center console dividers, center console trays, and glove box organizers. Available for many makes and models. Use our organizer products individually or combine them for maximum utilization of your interior storage space.